Patients and Experiments

There are some people who think that I have been experimenting upon my patients–I don’t know why. My raison de etre has always been to save my patients from ATD (heart attacks, strokes, etc.). My patients have always been offered the best anti-ATD treatments of which I am aware. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, not much was known about the prevention of ATD, but my patients who accepted my advise benefited to the extent that the data upon which I based my decisions was accurate. Since the 1980’s, the prediction and prevention of ATD has become much more of a science and I am much better at both prediction and prevention. The fact that I do not follow NCEP guidelines should NOT be construed as experimentation. Afterall, I was doing ATD prediction and prevention long before the NCEP was in existence. And you may not know it but when the NCEP came into existence, they decided to ignore the Framingham Heart Study’s recommendations and simply pursue LDL-cholesterol. Hence, if anyone is doing experimentation, it is the NCEP. My practice patterns are much more akin to those of Framingham–but you won’t know that by talking to someone who has simply been to a few pharmaceutical meetings, heard the scripted talk by the company spokesman/spokeswoman, and thinks that he/she knows it all.

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