Crestor and Lawyers

I have been told that some lawyers have been inviting lawsuits from people who have taken Crestor, alleging that Crestor causes heart trouble. I looked up one such ad and found that it did not relate to heart attacks, etc, but rather to rhabdomyolysis (“rhabdo”), which is a severe degeneration of the body’s muscle. All statins, including Crestor, can cause rhabdo, especially if the patient is also taking Lopid or if the patient has an under-active thyroid. The higher the dose of statin, the more likely the possibility of rhabdo. The usual stated incidence of rhabdo is 1:10,000, so rhabdo is uncommon to say the least. Heart attacks and strokes, on the other hand, are the leading cause of death in Americans, so all this must be kept in perspective. Over the last 25 years, four of my patients have suffered from rhabdo–all of them were taking Lopid, and none of them were taking Crestor, not even when Crestor is combined with another fibrate called Tricor (which is not usually associated with rhabdo). The four statins involved were Zocor (two cases), Baycol, and Mevacor.

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