Coronary Artery Calcium

To the Editor,

The goal of interventional lipidology is the treatment of at-risk individuals to prevent atherothrombotic disease (ATD), or if ATD is extant, then stabilization/regression of the ATD plaque.
A targeted approach aimed at higher-risk individuals, sparing lower-risk patients immediate treatment that is not necessary, would appear to be the prudent approach.

Use of coronary artery calcium (CAC) has been advocated, most recently based on the MESA study. (1) CAC is not a good method of assessing ATD for the following reasons:

1) CAC is absent in early vulnerable plaques, which can and do lead to acute myocardial infarction (2),

2) CAC increases with age, irrespective of ATD risk factors, and may be seen in elderly patients who are free of clinical ATD (3),

3) Chelation therapy was once used to treat CAC, but has no effect on ATD (4),

4) Statin therapy shrinks ATD plaque but does not influence CAC, which progresses despite statin therapy (5).

Hence CAC can not be recommended. Perhaps what is needed is a better screening tool to predict the population at risk of ATD.
W.E. Feeman,Jr,MD

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