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William E. Feeman, Jr, M.O.

My practice of family medicine involves patients of all ages, though I no longer deliver babies or do major surgery. My medical training is listed in the accompanying curriculum vitae.

I have a major interest in the prevention of atherothrombotic disease (ATD), which is atherosclerotic disease with emphasis upon the thrombosis (clot) which so often precipitates the acute clinical event such as heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, etc...

I have published my research into the prediction of the population at risk of ATD and how to stabilize/regress plaque ("hardening of the arteries") in seven major articles and in over 50 letters to the editors of various medical journals, including The Journal of American Medical Association, Circulation, the American Journal of Cardiology, the Journal of Clinical Lipidology, Annals of Internal Medicine, British Medical Journal, and American Journal of Medicine. I have presented my research at more than 30 regional, national, and international scientific symposia, both in the USA and in Europe. The references are to be found on this website.

This website offers people from all walks of life a chance to read what I have published or presented. An interactive blog is also available, though only general advice can be dispensed here.

My philosophy on the subject of ATD can be read here. "Atherothrombotic disease (ATD) does not strike as a bolt out of the blue..."

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